We Set Up or Clean Up Your QuickBooks Online System

We Provide Customized Training

We Help You Interpret Your Financial Information

We Set Up or Clean Up Your QuickBooks Online System

We Provide Customized Training

We Help You Interpret Your Financial Information

Blue Daisy Business Studio - Advanced Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor

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Inaccurate numbers lead to poor results

  You can’t tell what’s going on in your business

  Guess work prevails over decision making

  You waste time trying to figure out the numbers

  It’s hard to raise money without good numbers

  Stress and anxiety levels escalate

  The work is running your life

Use the right data to make well-informed decisions

Your updated financial reports will show you The Story of Your Business.

QuickBooks Online

Set Up
Clean Up

We work to update your data,
then we ensure correctness

Financial Information


We show you how to read and
interpret your financial statements


Business Process Review
Goal and Strategy Planning
Management Method Training

We create efficient processes for routine business operations

Accounting Accuracy

Running your business, keeping up with QuickBooks Online, reviewing financial statements, it’s a lot, and it can be easier.

There is a better way to run your business so you can focus on income-generating activities. We’ve assisted 100’s of business owners with gaining clear understanding of how their business is performing in numbers.

Your numbers story leads to greater confidence and strategic decision-making. You’re able to focus on growing your business instead of worrying about the numbers.

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Why Work With Us

Well-informed decisions lead to better results

  See the story of your business
using accurate information

  Spend more time on revenue
generating activities

  Work smarter, not harder

  Enjoy less stress from greater clarity

  Raise or borrow working capital

  Run your business with efficiency

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We offer Free Consultations

Book A Call

We discuss the Quickbooks Online functions best suited for your business.

Project Proposal

We develop an estimate and description of proposed work for an initial project.

Financial Analysis

You have the data you need to analyze and set strategy for future business growth.

Janet Coursin, Founder

Janet founded Blue Daisy Business Studio to help business owners and nonprofit leaders run better organizations. With 30 years experience in business systems implementation, business process engineering and project management, Janet created the Business Studio for the small and startup space.

Since 2012, Blue Daisy Business Studio has set up, cleaned up and supported QuickBooks Online systems.  Services result in accurate financial information, includes customized system training and guidance for interpreting the statements.

  • QuickBooks Online Solution Provider
  • Independent QuickBooks Consulting Professional

  • Advanced Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor
  • Elite Tier

Janet Coursin - Blue Daisy Business Studio - Advanced Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor

Janet Coursin, Founder
Blue Daisy Business Studio


What our clients are saying about us

  • Best service, highly recommended!

    "Janet has been an invaluable service to me through the years. With her help, I’ve been able to focus more on activities that grow my businesses while being confident in our processes and financials. She’s extremely competent and has offered various services including ERP system implementation, P&L overhauls, workflow and process creation/improvement/optimization, End of Month Reconciliation processes, etc. She has helped me be more productive and better at decision making. I now work more efficiently, have less stress, and higher business accuracy. Blue Daisy is truly a service to trust."

  • I learned a lot!!

    "In one short hour not only did we solve many lingering issues, I learned many new ways to streamline the entire process."

  • QB system review and ongoing support

    "I have worked with Ms. Coursin over the past 2+ years as I set up QB accounting to manage my small but growing business. I have been very pleased with her services, which have always been professional and very knowledgeable. She is exceptionally organized and always very responsive. Her ability to explain to a novice how to get up and running was much appreciated and her background in the big city corporate world allows her to provide excellent advice to help, not just with my immediate QB needs, but also with the overall process of growing my business in the MS Delta."

  • Integration of QuickBooks with an Inventory Management System

    "Very knowledgeable. Easy to understand and follow."

  • QuickBooks and overall accounting support for nonprofit

    "Working with Janet has truly revolutionized our financial health as a young but growing nonprofit. She is extremely competent as it comes to both her knowledge and her ability to teach -- underlying concepts as well as actionable specifics -- with the clear goal of empowering you, the client, to be increasingly self-sufficient. At the same time, she is always ready and willing to engage with any questions you may have and will help find a solution to any issues that come up. After years of feeling very much confused and unclear about most of what our accountants were actually doing on our behalf, it is not only wonderful but absolutely necessary for our overall organizational health and sustainability that we have found someone as hands-on as Janet to work with. It has absolutely changed the scope of what we can accomplish and keep track of internally, in a way that we can feel confident about and is also so much less stressful than we could have imagined! We HIGHLY recommend Janet as a financial/QuickBooks advisor for your business or nonprofit!"

  • Capacity building (overall accounting & reporting) using QuickBooks

    "I am so glad that we took the step of building accounting capacity within our organization. It definitely was something we felt uncomfortable with, but with Janet's help the process has been incredibly effective and downright exciting. Janet doesn't just know all the ins and outs of QuickBooks - she also knows how to teach them and make them accessible. We are so grateful for her help and are still working with her now without needing her help as much as before. I can fully recommend Janet's services to anyone that needs to step it up for their business or non-profit. Thank you Janet!"

  • Business Consulting

    "Janet's business experience is a huge benefit beyond working with QuickBooks. She is meticulous and creative with business systems and operations and leaves me feeling empowered to keep things on track and running smoothly."

  • QuickBooks Advisor

    "Janet is our go-to accounting superwoman. She has understood every accounting situations we've thrown at her and repeatedly delivered solutions we can count on. Janet has been and will continue to be an invaluable asset for our company. She has our highest recommendation as a professional QuickBooks advisor."

  • Trusted accounting advisor!

    "Janet has always provided us with professional assistance and sound accounting practices to follow. We have utilized Janet for a software startup, a web design firm and a real estate development business. She consistently offers timely input and keeps us up to date on yearly IRS changes to help our businesses perform optimally. We highly recommend Janet and Blue Daisy Business Studio!"

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Blue Daisy Business Studio - Advanced Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor

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